The Value of Meditation

Music has been an integral part of man’s everyday activities for thousands of years. It is an art that has been entrenched in our beliefs, values, religious conviction and traditions. The aesthetic judgment of music is made based on how it affects each individual’s thoughts and feelings.

Music generally caters to emotional need because it has proven with time to be a widely accepted representation of emotion and feelings in people. It also serves as a medium that gives people an avenue to filter their emotions, enhances the mind and aids human intellectual function. It contributes immensely to the social development of an individual especially in areas like self-discipline, coordination, and tolerance. Music also helps increase the moral value of an individual which in turn rubs on the rules and practice of their daily life.

A form of music known as meditation music has proven with time that it has the power to cause significant improvement in listener’s health. Meditation music helps to lower blood pressure and strengthen immunological responses. It can also help reduce stress and anxiety levels while lowering or entirely eradicating depression even better than antidepressant drugs, as certain studies have shown. Meditation music also increases the body’s immunity to viruses.

Meditation music makes the human brain function optimally in reasoning and in solving tasks. It also aids learning and remembrance, regulates emotions, shapes the individual’s perception of life and makes them have a sense of self by increasing the grey matter density in the parts of the brain that deals with memory and learning. It also helps bring people closer to the understanding of what life is and their place in life by assisting individuals to realize their self-worth from connecting them with those around them more positively and healthily.

Meditation music helps the listener feel inspired which at the same time brings about a good feeling from within to put the listener in a relaxed mood while inspiring those who have given up or lost hope in life.

Sleep is a significant part of our daily life because it is an essential factor which determines our physical shape and helps live a balanced lifestyle. Getting adequate and quality sleep helps us perform at our best at work. One of the biggest combatants to sleep is stress. Stress remains a standard part of our lives owing to the many activities we undertake. These activities may deprive us of sleep, and this will undoubtedly tell on our health. Meditation music induces sleep, and this calms nerves significantly.

Whatever the need, meditation music has proven to be a considerable factor in the lives of people. Take a moment to listen to this meditation medley I put together out of a collection a church hymns.